Providing a data-driven solution for urban mobility challenges

Mobility Analytics

The need to visualize our geospatial data led us to build Mobility Analytics - an analytics platform that visualizes aggregated trip data using modern geospatial tools to make informed conclusions about rider usage and vehicle demand.

Notable features include:

Daily operations metrics and fleet usage

Track missing/idle vehicles, as well as specific deployments

Suggest deployment hotspots based on historical data such as revenue and demand

Mobility Analytics


Get an overview of daily metrics in each city by selecting a date range and seeing statistics such as total trips, distance traveled, and co2 avoided, as well as fleet usage metrics.

Our Operations view has been tailored to fit the daily needs of city managers and government officials alike in monitoring key performance data points and providing a transparent symbiotic relationship between Helbiz and governing constituents.


Deployment Hotspots

We use historical data from each city to determine optimal deployment hotspots.

We analyze rush hour performance and maximize revenue using:

Different data models for each day in the week to differentiate between weekend behavior

Daily split between morning/evening usage to account for commuter behavior

Vehicle battery utilization paired with demand for predictive re-balancing

Deployment Hotspots

Live Mode

Live Mode offers a birds-eye view into Helbiz operations in real-time. Ongoing trips and their respective routes are alongside city points of interest. Combining geo-located social data with results from our proprietary machine learning algorithms, we can draw conclusions around likely destinations and customer sentiment.

Live Mode Live Mode