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Helbiz S1X

Helbiz S1-X

Helbiz S1-X is the electric scooter that will take part in the first-ever e-scooter racing championship.

Inspiring, fast, and safe. Designed by the best engineers in the motorsport industry, this F1-style scooter can reach speeds up to 100 km/h.

Helbiz S1X

Helbiz Racing Team

Riders, engineers, mechanics: we have gathered the most talented experts to coordinate our Helbiz Racing Team. 3 riders are ready to take part in this adrenaline-fueled competition. Gian Maria Gabbiani, former Formula 3 and Nascar driver, will be Team Principal, and will prepare and guide the team and test our tech innovations on the race track.

The eSkootr Championship (eSC) is the world's first electric scooter competition. Founded with the aim of promoting the culture of sustainable micro-mobility, the competition will start in 2022 and will take place in major urban areas of the world.

Motorsport has long been recognized as a potential incubator and accelerator for socially relevant technology innovation and transfer. And Helbiz is proud to take part in this revolution.

Helbiz s1x