Helbiz is about rethinking how we move in our lives

We are a dedicated team of innovators, engineers, technologists, and creatives who are driven by the desire to improve people’s lives through technology.

With diverse backgrounds and experiences, we are committed to working collaboratively with governments, communities, companies, and individuals to offer safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation solutions around the world.

Our Values


We’re driven by the need to make a more environmentally conscious world. As a society, one of the biggest ways we can lessen our impact on the climate is by changing how we move about our world. We hope that by extending the usefulness of existing public transportation and reducing the use of carbon-emitting automobiles, we’ll be able to create the green future we need.


We want Helbiz to be synonymous with safety. Our team is dedicated to working closely with government agencies, community organizations and key stakeholders to ensure that safety measures are prioritized. Through both education and technology, we want our riders and the pedestrians around them to have the safest experience possible.

Equity & Accessibility

Everyone deserves access to affordable transportation regardless of their income or circumstance. We’ve developed programmes, including the Helbiz Access Program, which provides discounts on rides for low-income residents in each of our markets.


We’re committed to the cities we operate in. By opening local offices and warehouses in each city, we strive to foster local talent to help us navigate our efforts on the ground.

Sustainability is at the forefront of all that we do

Helbiz’s goal is to support the environment by using as little new natural resources as possible and by recycling materials when we can.

We’re determined to reduce our CO2 footprint and to be transparent about our sustainability efforts. That’s why we plan to share annual sustainability reports highlighting all that we’re doing to improve our environmental and social impact.

We’re constantly growing.
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