Your own local fleet.
With our global support.

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All-In-One Solution

You know your City. We know the Rest.

We are here to support you in getting the maximum out of your city, we will provide you with industry leading tools, software, vehicles, operational expertise and support so that you can focus on serving your city and its customers. We enable you to be hyper local while directly benefitting from Helbiz Economies of Scale.

Fully connected fleet.
No upfront payment

We will provide you with state-of-the-art vehicles that are ready to earn. Our team has installed IoT, configured, setup and connected the vehicles to your platform and tested each single vehicle prior to you receiving them. All you have to do is put them on the street.

Our vehicles come with:

Built-in IoT device

Integrated platform

Remote controlled

24/7 Connectivity

Pay-per-day (no upfront costs)

Fully connected fleet. <br /> No upfront payment

Manage your fleet, through
our dispatch centre

Your team will receive all the tasks, directions, instructions from start to finish. All management by the Helbiz coordination centre according to initial requirements.

You will be able to indicate the deployment points to improve and speed up the logistics, to know which points in your city are the best to place the vehicles.

Manage your fleet, through <br /> our dispatch centre

One App. All Tasks.
For on-ground teams.

The driver app, the tool that allows you to control and manage your fleet quickly, easily and effectively.

The app allows you to know the condition and position of the vehicles in real time. You will be able to monitor the battery status, the number of trips and have a real history of the vehicle.

Drivers will automatically receive Turn-by-Turn navigation to get to and from every task.

One App. All Tasks.<br />For on-ground teams.

Over +2,000,000 users.
The day of your launch.

You become a part of Helbiz and we will notify and advertise to all of our users via our media channels about your operation.

Over +2,000,000 users.<br />The day of your launch.

You know your city.
We know the rest.

Our ground team will go local to make sure each member of the franchisee’s staff is well trained by knowing every single aspect of the daily operations. We will also invite the franchisee to one of our cities to experience Helbiz operations

You know your city.<br />We know the rest.

24/7 Support.
Phone, Chat & Email.

Helbiz has its own full internal customer service team that has been trained in all aspects of the service.

We offer the fastest and best support in the Micro-Mobility space, from phone to chat and email, keeping your customers happy.

We offer fluent support in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Serbian.

24/7 Support.<br />Phone, Chat & Email.

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