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Welcome to the new frontier of e-racing

The eSkootr Championship (eSC) is the world’s first electric scooter competition. Founded with the aim of promoting the culture of sustainable micro-mobility, it started in 2022 and will take place in major urban areas around the world.

Motorsports have been recognized as a potential incubator and accelerator for socially relevant technology innovation and transfer. That’s why here at Helbiz, we are very proud to take part in this revolution.

Meet the Helbiz S1-X

The S1-X is a purpose-built racing machine developed and manufactured by a team with decades of top-level motorsport engineering experience. Together, we work side-by-side to build a new "F1-style e-scooter," capable of reaching up to 100 km/h.

As in any competition, the fundamental element is safety. For this reason, the vehicle is equipped with the most advanced technologies, in order to protect each rider, who will also wear a suit designed specifically for these types of races.

Helbiz s1x

The official Helbiz Team for eSC

Riders, engineers, mechanics: we gathered the most talented people to coordinate our Helbiz Racing Team. 3 riders are taking part in this adrenaline-fueled competition under the guidance of our team principal Paolo Caprotti.

Helbiz Team

Our Riders

Helbiz Team


Sara Cabrini

From the days spent watching Valentino Rossi with her father to the ones racing with her first mini-motorcycle, Sara has more than 10 years of racing and mechanical experience. There’s no secret to her on the tracks.

Helbiz Team


Jamil Guerchadi

Aka “The Yes Man,” Jamil is a Swiss extreme-sports enthusiast. Parkour, freestyle scooter, cliff-jumping, snowboard, skate, rollers… Jam started to ride his first kick-scooter back when he was two years old.

Helbiz Team


Jordan Rand

The most polyhedric of the team. The American model Jordan Rand was the fastest of all the pilots in the racing tests. Gifted with an unbelievable talent for sports, she always accepts challenges. From her modelling career to the world of sports, her mission is to “bring inclusivity and diversity to new and innovative industries.”

Team Stats
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