Introducing Helbiz Robotics

A new division and a journey towards company wide autonomy

From our first electric scooter rental in 2018 to becoming the first publicly listed micro-mobility company a few short years later, Helbiz has always been dedicated to bringing technological innovations to cities and their communities. Today, we take our commitment to the next level with the announcement of our newest division and in-house laboratory: Helbiz Robotics. Helbiz Robotics will serve as a resource for Helbiz Inc., focused on the development and implementation of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities in both hardware and software to help drive new levels of service for our millions of users around the world.

Helbiz Robotics will focus on automation for three key areas of our business: mobility, kitchen, and logistics. The team will be integrated into our daily operations to accelerate the benefits of automation to enhance the quality and efficiency of our services. It will address key issues around safety, parking and compliance — helping to further Helbiz’s position as a responsible operator. Helbiz Robotics will allow us to transform our food delivery services to offer a better user experience with a fraction of the footprint or operational costs while increasing the viability of services to smaller communities currently unserved. It will also look to increase the efficiency of our maintenance and deployment teams.

In the past, these projects have been underway across the company. This formal designation of the team is meant to push even harder on what we solve. To be clear, the goal of this division is to identify problems and create the technology necessary to solve them in timelines measured in months — not years or decades. As we grow, the technology delivered by Helbiz Robotics will grow with us. As we’re able to share innovations or developments, we will. Stay tuned for more news from Helbiz Robotics and our exciting times ahead!

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Jonathan Hannestad

COO Helbiz

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