Real time AI helmet verification

HelmetChecker allows mobility operators to ensure, in real time, whether riders are wearing helmets with unmatched accuracy utilizing AI and computer vision. It provides operators with regulatory confidence, cities with safer streets, and users a seamless experience.

Verify helmets
in real time

HelmetChecker can detect any approved helmet worn by riders in an image. Use this product to improve safety practices and ensure regulatory compliance as a mobility operator. It replaces symbolic gestures such as informational screens, manual retroactive checks, or compliance checkboxes.

0.0 Accuracy

with 0.5s response time

HelmetChecker uses an image-classifier AI that can instantaneously detect if a user is wearing a helmet with 99.7% accuracy.

Powerful compliance.
Seamless customer journey.

HelmetChecker allows an operator to build flexible and seamless user journeys around its HelmetVerification to comply with local regulations. This includes prohibiting users from riding without a helmet or simply incentivizing users to put safety first.

0 anonymous

Privacy is a fundamental human right. HelmetChecker is built with the end user’s privacy in mind. Identity and user information is automatically anonymized before running the AI checks.

advanced recognition
beyond fashion

HelmetChecker can clearly differentiate between types of headgear ensuring that only helmets are approved while preventing users from wearing hats, beanies, caps or other non-protective headgear.

easy to
{ integrate }

No SDK’s or lengthy integrations. Simply call the HelmetChecker API, pass an input image and receive an instant JSON response with our helmet verdict and score (50-100) that indicates how confident HelmetChecker is with the accuracy of the helmet prediction.

Taking a Selfie




1 2 3 4 5



“helmet” : true ,

“locked” : false

1 2 3 4 5



“helmet” : true ,

“locked” : false


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