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Meet Wheels.
Your fully connected smart e-bike.

starting from $159.99/month

Rent now

Rapid delivery

Your own e-bike 24/7

Pay monthly

Maintenance & repairs

Cancel anytime

Fully electric.
Fully reliable. Fully yours.

Long-lasting power.

Ride up to

0 miles

on a single charge

With up to

0 mph

top speed

See full specification

Designed to conquer all city streets.

Fast charge.

5h only

40 lb only

Light enough to carry it




to be resistant.

Ping it. Find it.

Use your smartphone to keep track of your Wheels anytime, anywhere.

enough to fit in any elevator.

You ride.
We take care of the rest.

We offer peace of mind guarantee.

For less than $5 per day

Order your vehicle now

Same day repairs

We'll fix or replace your Wheels in case of break down.

Theft replacement protection

We'll replace your Wheels in case it gets stolen.

Comprehensive maintenance

We cover all costs for parts & labor.

We fix it on the spot

We'll come and repair your Wheels at your place.

Ride worry-free.

Easy and safe to park.

Anytime, anywhere. Your Wheels is always protected thanks to the integrated anti-theft alarm.

Secure it with cable lock

Track it down with your smartphone

Control your Wheels directly from your smartphone.

Handle everything with a tap and monitor the location of your vehicle whenever you need.

The keys to full control. Use your smartphone to unlock the full potential of your wheels.

Lock & Unlock with a tap

Digitally lock and unlock the vehicle.

Control lights with a tap

Smartly control all the lights.

Track the GPS with a tap

Easily track location with GPS.

Play your favourite tunes with a tap

Freely play your music with bluetooth speakers.

Long rental.
Large benefits.

Our flexible formula allows you to keep the vehicle with you for the entire rental period, gives you access to our customer support, and includes all the benefits reserved to the Wheels Club’s members.

Peace of Mind

We’ve got your back. Our theft & maintenance coverage options protect your ride at all costs.

Unlimited Rides

No limit on the number of rides. You can enjoy unlimited rides during the subscribed period.

Long Range

No more range anxiety! A fully charged Wheels has range of 110km max.

Extra Safety

With a sit-down ride and its dual disc brakes, Wheels brings safety to the next level.

Join the #wheelsclub

No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Conor McGregor

J Balvin

Jena Frumes

Monica Denise


Daisy Keech

Denise Schaefer

Drip Jezus

Alex Delena

Courtney Johnson

Subscribe and ride.

Find the plan that suits you most and receive your Wheels directly at your place.


Your truly safe & accessible fully connected smart e-bike.

starting from $159.99/month

Rent now

Rapid delivery

48h delivery

Free returns

No questions asked

Maintenance & repairs

You ride, we do the rest

Need help?

Contact us anytime